• Forgotten. Unwanted.  Outcast. Invisible. This is how it feels to be homeless. The Lake County Haven is asking you to take a moment to show homeless women and children that you care. Please simply share a message of hope, encouragement, or advice through our Kind Words Campaign. We will make sure your words are relayed… [See more…]

  • The Lake County Haven is a social-service agency dedicated to meeting the needs of homeless women and children. We use education, employment, and life-skills training to help people move from homelessness to independence. Throughout this process, our goal is always the long-term stability and self-sufficiency of each person and family. Our vision is that our… [See more…]

  • For generations, families have solved their problems around the kitchen table. Now, we need YOU to take a seat at our table. Kitchen Conversations are small gatherings at our main shelter in Libertyville. Learn about homelessness on a local and national level. Join the conversation about how to end homelessness in our lifetime. Be part… [See more…]

  • Overwhelmed by the problems of the world? Poverty, hunger, homelessness, violence…it can be too much to think about. But there is a new opportunity for you to solve these problems. The Lake County Haven invites you to Adopt-a-Night! By adopting one or more nights a year, you will provide much needed shelter, food and services… [See more…]


Watch our newest video and learn what homelessness is from people who have been there.

Our goal is that our residents will never be homeless again. We could not possibly achieve that goal without the strong support of the community. We need YOU.


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