A Typical Day at the Haven

Below is a description of a typical day at Lake County Haven.

Lake County Haven mom and son7:03 am: The residents of Lake County Haven wake up. Children rush to the bathroom. Women start preparing breakfast.

7:45 am: Everyone is getting organized for school or work. Book bags are packed. Bag lunches are put together. Schedules for the day’s activities are discussed.

8:09 am: The house is quiet. Children are off to school or day care. Adults are off to work, classes or job training.

9:15 am: The crisis line rings. The caller is a woman who is about to be evicted because she lost her job and can no longer pay her rent.

9:57 am: A donation of furniture arrives from a local women’s organization; it will be routed to a shelter graduate who is now living on her own.

10:30 am: A client is connected to an outside agency that will help her manage the debt she has accumulated since her divorce.

10:46 am: A group of local executives takes a tour of LCH and learns about its programs. They are considering making a donation to the agency.

11:25 am: A member of the Women’s Auxiliary offers to provide a ride for a shelter resident who needs to get to a doctor’s appointment.

12:36 pm: A woman returns to the shelter after her morning GED class is over.

12:49 pm: A resident tries to work through the red-tape of acquiring subsidized housing.

2:15 pm: The children of the shelter gather together for a kids’ group. They do an exercise designed to increase children’s self-esteem.

3:00 pm: A client and her case manager review the progress on the client’s goals–how is the GED coming along? Has she re-written her resume yet? When is the court going to make a decision on child support? How is her part-time job going? Is she still interested in computer classes?

3:16 pm: Another resident mother arrives from one of her two part-time jobs, ready to watch her children when they return from school.

3:44 pm: The school bus drops off three resident children from school. After-school snacks are enjoyed.

transitional shelter resident4:15 pm: A Transitional Housing resident arrives, looking for help preparing forms to enter the College of Lake County.

5:00 pm: One of the shelter residents, a six-year old girl, has drawn a picture and wants to show it off. It is hung on the refrigerator.

6:02 pm: One of the residents has prepared dinner. All of the shelter residents gather together to eat as a community.

6:35 pm: Three volunteers arrive–one to run the parenting group and two to baby-sit the children during the group.

7:36 pm: Group is over. The volunteers leave. The women discuss their days.

7:50 pm: The children bathe and prepare for bed. Moms tell kids a bedtime story.

8:15 pm: The women prepare for the next day, lunches are made, clothes are cleaned.

9:45 pm: The women go to sleep. Lake County Haven shuts down for the night. ♥